Three ensigns

Welcome to the Plympton Veterans Centre.

Plympton Veterans Centre is located at the rear of the Plympton Glenelg RSL. The ATDP accredited volunteer Compensation and Wellbeing Advocates are prepared to assist veterans and their families with DVA compensation claims and advising on available wellbeing agencies.

Kane Hall with Gracie


Afghanistan veteran Kane Hall with Gracie his new Operation K9 dog thanks to Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) and RSL South Australia. Kane is a valued member of RSL Care SA and also assists the Plympton Veterans Centre. Best Wishes Gracie and Kane, may you have many years together.






PVC would like to thank Mr Geoffrey Mitchell for his extremely generous donation of $1000.00.
Mr Mitchell had been trying for several years to get a condition accepted and was very happy to
finally have DVA accept it.