Compensation Claim Checklist

This page contains a checklist for documents needed prior to making a claim for compensation. The checklist can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking here.

From ADF Medical Records, photocopies of

  • All medical documents relating to entry, or if more than one enlistment, entries, to the ADF.
  • All medical documents relating to claimed condition or conditions, including any periodic medical and Medical Employment Category Reviews, sorted into chronological order.
  • If discharged or about to discharge or you have more than one period of service, all discharge documents.

Civilian Medical Records, photocopies of
If you are a Reservist or no longer serving, any non ADF (civilian) medical records that will assist in the management of your claim.

Service Record, photocopy of

  • If still serving, PMKeyS ADO Service Record,
  • If discharged, PMKeyS ADO Service Record if available or Certificate of Service and any Service Record (Postings etc) that you may have available.

For VEA and MRCA Claims only

    See GP / MO / Medical Practitioner for completion of

  • Injury or disease Sheet for each claimed condition under MRCA, and/or
  • Medical Practitioner comments on pages 7 & 8 of VEA claim.

Injury or Incident ReportDocument image

If a Defence Injury report, currently referred to as an AC563, or any of the previous forms is available in respect to your Injury, Illness or Disease, please include a copy.

Witness Statement/s

If no Injury or Incident Report is available, either because it cannot be located or was not raised, you can attach Witness Statements to support your claim.

Your Supporting Statement
You may include a Supporting Statement in respect of your claim/s. This statement should detail the circumstances of your claim and the attribution of the injury, disease or illness to your ADF Service, either as a direct cause or aggravating factor.

Proof of Identity
If you have not already supplied, you need to complete Proof of Identity and forward with your claim.

Other Documentation
If there is any other documentation that you believe will assist in the management of your claim, please attach. This could include such items as “Approvals for Civilian Sport” or “Police Reports”.

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